Saturday, April 19, 2014

Top five Navisworks 2015 Enhancements

Interoperability Enhancements

  • Navisworks 2015 brings various improvements to model file and data integration such as better control over Revit faceting factor.
  • Combines multi format data into a single model.


  • Navisworks 2015 introduces 2D takeoff.
  • Efficient 3D quantification includes property mapping which allows you to work with multiple formats.

Cloud Rendering

  • Navisworks 2015 introduces Autodesk 360 Cloud Rendering which allows the customers having Autodesk Cloud Service Subscription to connect  and produce high resolution scene.

Autodesk Rendering Enhancements

  • Navisworks 2015 includes multiple range of preset rendering settings to choose the quality and control the speed of rendering.

Reality Capture Enhancements

  • Navisworks 2015 allows you to work with enhanced point cloud data integration.
  • Navisworks 2015 supports better point cloud visualization
  • Navisworks 2015 introduces real capture workflows with AutoCAD 3D CAD software, Revit BIM software, and Inventor 3D mechanical design software.

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